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Torrenting on iOS

Torrenting on iOS

iOS is an interesting platform when it comes to torrenting - previously, various apps were avaiable on the App Store, and they were soon removed. However, there are still ways to torrent on iOS, with the use on online torrent clients. Seedr is the best, free, online torrenting client that I’ve found.

Just a note before I begin - many people believe that torrents are illegal, however that’s not true at all. Sites like HumbleBundle allow you to download large files via torrent, as it’s a much more reliable way to download files without them getting interrupted by network changes.

Seedr allows you to paste your magnet link into the toolbox, and then simply hit enter to start downloading. It’s all automated, and requires no use of torrents at all. With the free plan, you can have up to 2 GB of torrents in your account at one time - this is great, as you can simply download one torrent, and then delete it. This is also backed by the fact that Seedr has unlimited bandwith, however you can only run a torrent for two hours on the free plan before it is stopped, which is a small disadvantage of the tool. Luckily, most 720/1080p torrents are small enough to fit inside the 2 GB offered for free, and usually do not take over 2 hours to download.

If 2 GB isn’t enough space for you, you can always share it on Twitter, YouTube, and other methods to get you up to 5 GB of space for free.

Seedr is a great online torrent client, and the best that I’ve found so far to date. It also has premium plans that allow you to download torrents at the same time as others, and offers a lot more space. Premium plans also allow you to use different servers in order to increase the speed of downloads.

I then use iCab to download the finished file, and watch it in Infuse 5 on my iPad.

Seedr can be found here.

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