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BA Cityflyer

The ERJ 190 can easily fit ERJ 190 into smaller and harder airports, and is the smallest aircraft on the BOAC virtual airline fleet.

BA short haul

The A318 is a A318 great aircraft for short haul, and is the largest aircraft that can fit into London City, EGLC.

A great aircraft for travelling on short haul, A319 , it has power to take off from short runways, and is a great all rounder aircraft.

The largest of the Airbus A320 family, A321 the A321 can transport many passengers to airports all across the globe.

BA medium haul

The Boeing 767 is the oldest aircraft on the fleet, B767 , and is planned to be retired in the coming years. However, it is a powerful and versatile aircraft.

BA long haul

The Boeing 777 is one of the best sold aircraft, B777 and is the backbone of the BA long haul fleet.

One of the newest aircraft on the British Airways fleet, B787 the Boeing 787 is a good long haul aircraft for long and thin routes.

The Boeing 747 is one of the most iconic aircraft in the British Airways fleet. B747 Sadly, it is being phased out, but it is a well known sight in the skies.

The iconic Airbus A380 is well known for being a 'double decker aircraft'. A380 It is a difficult aircraft to fill up with passangers, and cannot take much cargo.


Our current routes. Please note, that on global these routes will change.

South California

KSAN-KLAX - Short haul
KSAN-KPSP - Short/long haul
KSAN-KNUC - Cityflyer/short haul
KSAN-KONT - Cityflyer
KSAN-KNXP - Long haul
KSAN-L35 - Cityflyer (Senior Captains only)

Singapore & Kuala Lumpar

WSSS-WMBT - Cityflyer (Senior Captain only)
WSSS-WIDD - Cityflyer
WSSS-WMKK - Long haul


EGBB-EGNX - Cityflyer
EGBB-EGBN - Cityflyer
EGBB-EGHI - Long haul
EGBB-EGHJ - Charter
EGBB-EGLF - Short haul
EGBB-EGLL - Short/long haul
EGBB-EGKK - Short/long haul
EGBB-EGSS - Short haul
EGBB-EGLC - Cityflyer/A318 (Senior Captains only (A318's are allowed here))


PHNL-PHHI - Cityflyer
PHNL-PHDH - Cityflyer
PHNL-PHMK - Short haul
PHNL-PHNY - Cityflyer/short haul
PHNL-PHOG - Short haul
PHNL-PHKO - Long haul
PHNL-PHSF - Cityflyer
PHNL-PHTO - Long haul


TNCM-TFFC - Cityflyer
TNCM-TFFR - Long haul
TNCM-TAPA - Long haul
TNCM-TRPG - Cityflyer
TNCM-TKPN - Cityflyer
TNCM-TKPK - Short haul
TNCM-TAPH - Cityflyer
TNCM-TFFJ - Cityflyer
TNCM-TNCS - Cityflyer (Senior Captains only)
TAPA -TKPK - Boeing 777, long haul

Please note that most of these flights in the Caribbean are long, however the Caribbean has short runways so cannot take the wide body aircraft we operate.

Global routes

I'm in the process of adding routes that the real BA do to a spreadsheet, and will publish this on the release of global.


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