A little about me

I'm currently a student, and writing websites and Python scripts is something I find fun and challenging. Freelance web development is my current part time job, and I specialize in highly responsive, rapidly loading static sites. To see my work, you can click on portfolio above. I provide low rates per hour compared to other developers, and version my work to make it easy for the client to see the changes put in place.

Tools I use

I'm a big fan of JetBrains, and use PHPStorm for website development. If I have to interact with databases, I use DataGrip. For interacting with Git, I prefer to use GitKraken, however I still use the Git CLI frequently. If I'm on the go, I use Working Copy to work with my GitHub repositories, and Textastic as my editor.

For Python, I use PyCharm and Python 3.6, as that is the latest version that works with discord.py, which I use to maintain a small Discord bot on a server with my friends. On the go, I use Pythonista, however it is quite limited even with the use of Stash and Blackmamba.